Baby Fashion in Singapore

Baby Fashion in Singapore

At Le Conte Bear, we bring you the most adorable baby fashion in Singapore, a style for every baby. Come and discover our baby clothing Singapore top picks recommended by Leco, our story teller bear in Berridale forest! This month’s top pick is for the group of Cry Babies.

For Cry Baby who won’t quit crying

baby crying baby fashion in Singapore

Babies who cry uncontrollably over 3 hours per day may have Colic. Their cries tend to be louder and higher pitch, often fussing at every single possible thing with clenched fists and back arching. These group of babies need extra comfort measures to soothe them to sleep and at the same time a remedy to keep mummies and daddies calm.


beyond the rainbow baby bodysuitBeyond the Rainbow Baby Bodysuit Set

Check out Le Conte Bear’s baby clothing Singapore top pick for the month. The Beyond the Rainbow baby bodysuit set can cheer up cry babies instantly with its brightly blue-red colour combination. This whimsical baby onesie set comes with a beyond the rainbow vector print and a one with colourful stripes. Enter into the luminous sky and walk through the rainbow bridge for a discovery of fun and adventure that encourage baby to convert 3 hrs of crying into 3 hrs of fun and adventure. Next, discover the wonders beyond the rainbow that help in soothing your baby to sleep.