Organic Baby Clothes and its Benefits

Organic Baby Clothes and its Benefits


What is Organic Cotton? Organic cotton is grown naturally and sustainably without pesticides, herbicides and toxic chemical. Baby clothing made of organic cotton is the safest choice for newborn babies.

Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Does not contain any Toxic Chemicals

Organic cotton farming process uses manual weed removal and crop rotation to protect the crops. End products made of organic cotton do not contain any toxic chemicals.

Babies are sensitive to toxic chemicals. They absorb much more of the environment compared to adults. Having delicate developmental systems means it is harder for them to eliminate these toxic chemicals that are absorbed into their bodies naturally. By choosing organic cotton baby clothes, baby’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals can be reduced.

It’s Soft and Comfy

Organic cotton is much softer than conventional cotton because of the longer fibres. Organically grown cotton is handpicked rather than machine picked like conventional cotton. This natural process ensures fibres don’t get weakened or damaged, resulting in softer and more durable products. Clothing made of organic cotton fabrics will feel soft to touch and comfortable to last.

Durable Wash

Organic baby clothes are more durable and often come out new after every wash. Organic Cotton lasts for 100 washes or more before it begins to wear down, while conventionally produced cotton can show signs of breaking down after 10-20 washes.

It’s Better for the Environment

Shopping for sustainable products made of organic cotton supports a cleaner environment and a safer world. Besides reducing water pollution and preventing pests, organic cotton farming also contributes to the fight against global warming.

Stunning Designs

Organic baby clothes designs usually come in soft colours since there are no chemical dyes involved in the manufacturing process. While designs are limited in the past when it first started, many options are now available as a growing list of retailers and manufacturers join in the trend to produce beautiful designs of organic baby clothes. At the same time, they educate consumers on the benefits of buying organic baby clothing. Designers also work to create stunning designs and adorable prints, making organic baby clothing not just a comfortable piece to wear but also as a beautiful piece of art that brings joy, laughter and enjoyable sweet moments for the whole family. Check out organic baby clothes and its benefits at Le Conte Bear. We curate the most adorable organic baby clothes from award winning brands.


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