The Story of Le Conte Bear


Le Conte Bear was created from ‘Le Conte’ which is the French word of Story-telling.

Leco is the imaginary character of Le Conte Bear. He is a a young and cheerful bear with a slightly greyish nose. Leco enjoys living in the Berridale forest in Scandinavia where lots of fun and adventure awaits for him everyday. Together with his forest friends, among them; the Fox, otter, raccoons and squirrels, they guard the forest and make their home a safe and warm place for all the little lovely baby animals out there.

Leco’s favourite pastime is story telling and he has become a story teller of his own. Leco often narrates stories to baby animals in the forest, keeping them entertained.

Every minute a baby is born and each baby has a story to tell. Join us in the adventure of Le Conte Bear where we celebrate your milestone as parents; bringing you sweet moments in your story!